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Summer list

11 Aug

I love summer. Not only I do not mind high temperatures, but summer is the best time of the year to go out more, travel, dance, see your friends more often. Summer gives me energy to do more things that I enjoy and I now the few weeks left of it should be taken advantage to the max.

As I am a “to do/see lists” kind of person, I have made a summer list. At the end of the season I will check on it and see where there is still space for improvement… for the next summer, of course.

  • sparkling wine
  • fabulous tan
  • lemonade with basil and cucumber
  • jogging
  • summer concerts
  • gelato all the way
  • picknicks
  • 3 fruits and 3 veggies a day (and less junk food, carbs and industrial sugars)
  • outdoor movies
  • pictures taken by myself



What about your summer? What would you add to the list?



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Most Wanted: Straw Hat

9 Jul


I am back! I know it’s been a while, but I promise I will catch up with my latest activities and interests.

I am therefore starting with a “most wanted” posts – the items on my with list. The first one, thematic, is the straw hat. I make no exception when it comes to sitting in the sun all day long whenever I am on the seaside, therefore a straw hat might prove not only chic, but also useful in protecting me from the sun.

The wide ones, in light colors are my favorites, but I didn’t find one to suit me yet. With my curly-frizzy hat, it is not that easy. Here are some pieces from Asos and Parfois.

90572CR__11363945449_155313 image4xxl

Well, if I can’t decide, may I get them all?


What about you? Did you get one for this summer? I bet matched well a dark tan.

Have a lovely week and great holidays!



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