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Eatclean: Salmon buns

26 Apr

I’ve been very lazy lately when it came to posts. Well, not that lazy as busy. And there were some good stuff to share and never made it. Part of it is the cooking thing I want to share with you.

I am not the best chef in town and do not pretend I want to become one. Neither the person who will cook on a regular basis. I still love to discover new places and eat out. But cooking brings me pleasure from time to time. It is indeed on my list of small things.

As we are on Friday, I will start this section of the blog by showing you an easy thing to cook for weekend brunch. Easy-peasy!

Salmon buns  (3 pieces)

3 buns

3 slices of smoked salmon

2 eggs

a few spinach leaves

grated cheese


Make a hole into the buns as if you were trying to make them some hats, stuff the salmon and the spinach leaves, carefully add an egg on top of every stuffed bun and sprinkle some grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste. Voila!


Bake as long as it takes to have the eggs done and serve with green salad and orange juice. How health is that?! I mean salmon, eggs and green leaves altogether. Bon appetit!


Have a great weekend!



Monday Quote

22 Apr


This is for me and you not to lose hope. There are good times and times that disappoints us, people who do that. But we should get over  whatever comes up, move on and look for something good.

Have a good week!



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Monday Quote

15 Apr



via Pinterest

Chose to be happy! There are so many little things around us that could bring smiles and joy: cherry blossom, sun beams, spring flowers and spring shoes to put on, time to change the clothes in your wardrobe for something lighter-they will all seem new!

Have a lovely week!



Month to share

9 Apr

It has been a full yet not out of ordinary month. The spring was supposed to be here, it is March already, but flowers were one of the few sings. The sun and warmth are yet to come.

There are many film festivals in Bucharest those days and I am happy to attend some of them: cool, not that famous movies to watch. And they go well with coffee.

On my list with little nice things to enjoy I will definitely add chandeliers. I simply love them and I was lucky to be in a building with plenty of them this month.

Plus, all the sweet pleasures in life. But this is tricky: to enjoy or not to enjoy? I am Brussels right now. You can imagine all the chocolate surrounding me! I will work out a lot when back home. It is a matter of weeks until I will be wearing the swimsuit.

How was your month? Did you enjoy all those small things happines is made of?

Have a great week!





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