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H&M is taking back your old clothes

14 Feb

You have probably heard that H&M, the second largest garnments retailer is launching a recycling program that allows you to exchange your old, worn out, out of date clothes for a voucher.

You do not have to bother, they collect everything you might have, 90% of the materials could be recycled. But how much are you getting for a bag?

The news around the world are telling us that the Brits will get something around 5 Pounds for a bag, while the Romanians will only get 5 lei, the equivlent of only one Pound.

As the purpose of the initiative, as H&M states, is to H&M wants to reduce the environmental impact of garments throughout the lifecycle and create a closed loop for textile fibres, the value of the voucher should not be the driver of the fashionistas, but the environment.

Now..how motivating do you find it? Is it easy for you to find bags of old clothes to take them to H&M? Would you do it for the sake of the environment or for the voucher?

As for me, I have the aspiration of becomeing an environmentalist one day, but still I will find it difficult to collect a bag of old clothes.


And which size the bag should be? They haven’t told…




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