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Monday Quote

20 May

New years, new seasons and Mondays are for us to start or start over different activities. In my case, this spring was about transforming the sedentary I inside into an active person that is regularly taking exercise.

First, this is good for my health (and yours!). Second, contrary to the expectations of an ignorant like me, it gives so much energy. I have chosen to work out at the gym once a week and to jog a few times a week in the park, but there are plenty of other things like swimming (oh, this sounds so good! to bad I am not able to do it), playing tennis, football or basketball. The idea is to set yourself a goal and work for achieving it or find something that motivates you. Untill you’ll get used to the effort, it will make it so much easier to bear it. Maybe you are going to the seaside on holidays and you want to look you have a Ryan Gosling at the finish line, it’s your choice. Mine was to run in a marathon (well not a real one, a fun one but still…), I’ve made it and now I am considering finding another goal that would keep me going. 

Do you have any ideas? What’s your motivation behind taking exercise? I might get some inspiration.



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