MLH & Musette on 101 Top FP Romania

20 Feb

Maybe you already know, and if you don’t..I am gonna tell you, Foreign Policy magazine publishes an yearly Global Thinkers rank. It has nothing to do with fashion, indeed. But Foreign Policy Romania has changed the rules of the game for its own edition and added, not the Romanian thinkers list as you might expect, but a list of Romanian that might get things moving on around here. And when it comes to fashion, Cristina Batlan, the owner of Musette and Maria Lucia Hohan, the women behing the MLH brand were the chosen ones.

You can grab your Cristhelen B. bags and shoes  from 14 stores in Romania and  9 other abroad. Paris and New York are on the list, but you can also find them in more exotic locations such as Ulan Bator (!), Beirut and Tel Aviv.



MLH is conted among hottest brands in Hollywood. Nikole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez of Jennifer Hudson are only some of the celebrities wearing Maria Lucia Hohan’s dresses on the red carpet.



Now let me tell you a secret: I am gonna wear one of those gorgeous MLH dresses when I am gonna get married! With high chances to match it with Musette shoes, of course. Do not ask me when this is gonna happen. I have no plans for such an event. But maybe you do and I’ve just given you an idea.





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